Salute Frank E. Gadsden 


   Without You None Of This Would Be Possible

I remember the last conversation I had with my father. I had just taken him to the hospital and we were waiting in the emergency room. Here, this brilliant and caring man was asking me about my music while suffering from a serious medical condition. Even though I had been doing music as a hobby of love for years, he knew how serious it was to me. I replied,“ Pop, it’s really hot right now, I’m peaking in my songwriting". He said, “Son, it’s time to pursue what makes you happy". Didn’t think much of his comments at the time worrying about him. This great educator, school administrator, father, meant so much to so many, passed away Sept 2017. As I reflect back on all the memories and lessons he gave me, I am sincerely grateful of the man he was, and the values he instilled in me to continue to strive to inspire others to achieve to be the best versions of themselves. I salute Mr. Frank Edney Gadsden , the only man I ever wanted to be like, and admire , and love so much. Melody Music Int. is created with one goal, one mission, and that is to inspire, from the man that has inspired us all. Thank you Pop. I love and miss you.